Fri Jul 2017

Managing stress with the Bach flowers


Stress as a deep root-cause is one of the most common culprits for illness nowadays. Almost any type of illness, starting from cardiac, gastro-intestinal, neurological, to autoimmune and cancer conditions. It seems stress is the new hit-diagnosis in medicine. Only until recently everything that was harder to diagnose was put under the label “autoimmune”. Stress however includes autoimmune as well. And it is one of the most commonly used words everywhere by everyone! 
How come?! What is happening to us in our crazyly racing current life, that drives us out of balance so much?!
Trying to answer this question we generaly come to the point to ask ourselves "What is actually stress?"
It has so many faces! Faces differing between people. But faces also different for each person during different periods in life. We need to be aware of this and hence ask ourselves often enough what stress means FOR ME and NOW, so that we can properly prescribe.
Is it the horrible situation at the job, with the new manager, eager to prove himself, who is forcing us to shorten the anyway impossibly crazy time-lines? Is it the lack of understanding and support in our family during a challenging period? Is it a long and dear friendship that breaks apart for no known reasons and leaving us helpless and devastated? Or maybe a severe illness of a loved one? 
Stress has truly many faces. And there is a Remedy, or a blend of Remedies, that can help us cope. No, not only cope. We can feel relieved, we can restore balance, we can experience serenity! Bach flowers are the legendary 'philosopeher's stone' that can transform lead into gold, sadness in joy. Just reach out for them!