Sun Dec 2017

Bach flowers for Christmas - Isn't that insane?


Why would we reach out for Bach flowers and the Bach flower therapy for Christmas?! This is one of the most wonderful holidays during the year, so abundant in positive emotions! It is full of joy, goodness, kindness, unity, generosity, empathy, sharing, forgiveness, romance, hope, coziness, gratitude and so on and so on. Is it? Is our Christmas now the same as the Christmas of our childhood? Do we experience the same thrill and excitement in anticipation of this wonderful time of the year? 
Sadly, for many people Christmas has lost its twinkle and shimmer, let alone the magic... And why is that? Thanks to the present day way of living! Rather a way of existing. But living? 
We don’t have the time to live! Our lives look like a recording played at a high speed that is constantly accelerating! Try to look a movie this way. What do you notice? Movements are ‘sharp’, ‘torn’ and awkward, speech is inarticulate, you are missing the most of the content and finally get really irritated. This is the way we live our lives. And around Christmas it gets even worse!
At work we need to speed up everything as everybody knows - the Western world is “off” from business around Christmas. So everything that would need to be done during this time is moved in advance. Starting 1st December our tasks seem to double, our deadlines shorten. Bosses become more impatient, more demanding. The pressure rises, like in a pressure cooker. Not slow and steady, but rather exponentially. 
Our personal tasks increase as well. We need to find the proper presents for family and friends and all of this requires time. A lot of time! Especially if we want to make it right. Imagine – we need time to stop and think – what would our loved once really appreciate? What would bring them joy and make them feel valued? Then we need time to plan how to get that particular thing, to research where we can find it. And finally we need the time to go and buy it (we need the money by the way too, but let’s not complicate the discussion too much, life is complicated enough). In a period where everybody around is doing the same and the chaos seems to conquer not only the traffic, the mall, but peoples’ minds as well. The pressure index is already at the maximum! 
But then, we actually need even more time! We need the time for shopping, coocking and preparing the festive meals, decorate the house... And this whole madness is on top of our routine tasks, appointments, responsibilities. Where do you think is the pressure index already? There should be some critical threshold...
Now let us translate this huge need and simultaneous shortage of time, this pressure and velocity and acceleration... all of them notions of the rational mind ... into the language of emotions and feelings, the language of the Bach flowers.
     *more tasks, shorter timelines at work = feeling overwhelmed; questioning of our abilities to cope, shaken self-confidence; anger and frustration;
    *need to find the proper presents under the above circumstances = self-blame that we did not think about this at some earlier point in the year; anxiety and guilt we might disappoint people we appreciate; despair as it seems there is no chance to manage successfully in time; deep sadness or anger, depending on the personality type; impatience to get over this sooner ...... 
     *need to shop for and prepare the food, the decoration etc. = feeling overwhelmed and incapable to manage all the responsibilities we have; the need to endure no matter what, even if we are internally falling apart; questioning of our abilities to cope, shaken self-confidence; self-blame and feeling irritable; anger to the level of explosiveness, and finally if after all our efforts somebody just takes the last Christmas tree before our very eyes; resentment; resignation;
And this is the picture only from the perspective of time and speed.
What to say in case of health issues, issues in the family, financial shortage, loss or parting with a dear friend, etc. etc.
All of this shows us that even the most wonderful holidays can provoke a myriad of painful emotions, for which we need alleviation. We need to be able to slow down, breathe deeply and dedicate some quality time to reflect, to share our love, generosity and empathy with our loved once; to feel the gratitude for all the blessings in our life; to feel the serenity, comfort and coziness; to experience pure joy and satisfaction; to bring the glimmer and shimmer of Christmas back into our lives! 
And this is where Bach flowers can support us with their transformation magic! Does it still sound insane?