Registered Parctitioners (BFRPs) and the Code of Practice

Please find here a summary of the numerous commitments of a BFRP. All of these are included in a large document, the Code of Practice, which each Practitioner signs up to.
Practitioners stress the purity, simplicity, originality and integrity of the System in all they do and say. If they choose to use  other approaches to healing or self-development they do  not allow them to affect the presentation and use of the System. Misrepresentation, including indirect misrepresentation through sensationalism exaggeration or superficiality, is not allowed as well as statements intended or likely to create a false or unjustified expectation of results and statements listing or claiming to diagnose or prescribe for specific medical or psychiatric or veterinary conditions or symptoms.
When working with the 38 remedies practitioners will  always  use only the simple selection and consultation methods outlined by Dr Bach in The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, and will  not recommend, refer to or use any other selection methods, aids or tools.
Practitioners  provide a safe and confidential environment for the consultation and   permit the healing process to proceed at their clients’ own pace so as to allow clients to gain greater knowledge and awareness of their own emotional states. Practitioners  are  sensitive to their clients’ problems, needs and feelings and to their cultural and religious backgrounds and beliefs. Practitioners take appropriate steps to prevent any negative impact of their own emotions, moods or behaviours on clients. They set and monitor boundaries between practitioner and client and make these explicit to the client. The Practitioners  advise their clients that they remain at all times responsible for their own well-being.
Practitioners will confine themselves to commenting on and selecting remedies for perceived emotional states and personality types and will not attempt to treat or diagnose for any physical or mental illness. They will decline cases that exceed their capacity or competence and will seek to refer them to more qualified professionals or professional organisations. 
Where a client has asked for help with the System practitioners will not seek to offer other treatments instead of the System but may, where appropriate, offer other treatments in addition to the System.