Welcome to the safe, healing and profound world of Bach flowers. You have reached the right place, where you can voice and share your troubles, and where you will be listened to. Where you will get individual support, consultation and guidance, as well as training and knowledge on this holistic therapy system. Bach Therapy Academy is private owned organisation with the following main activities:  
    Individual consultations aiming to support you achieving personal well-being and development through the 38 flower remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach;  
    Teaching – of the holistic therapeutic developed by Dr. Edward Bach via courses and work-shops;
    Research work related to Bach Therapy;
    Via Holistic we provide consultation and training on your general well-being using knowledge from the holistic realm, as well as knowledge in molecular and cell biology. Finally we need not only healthy emotions and feelings and a healthy mind-set! We need a vital body as well. We need to provide quality nourishment, opportunities for detoxification and a more balanced life-style!