Why Bach Therapy?

Is Bach Therapy for me?
    You’re stressed out; 
    Overloaded and exhausted; 
    angry, or maybe even mad; 
    sad, or even desperate; 
    without energy, or maybe you’re simply not up for life in general; 
    or you’re lacking any desire for anything, in other words – you’re apathetic; 
    or you’re in the middle of some huge change; 
    or you’re overly ambitious;
    or you’re in guilt and shame; or maybe simply full of self-reproach?;
    because the world seems to be a cheerless, grim and despairing place or even openly disgusting; 
    or because you feel  „grumbly“;
    or you have the feeling you’re lost, or there is no meaning, or maybe even both?; 
    or maybe you’re simply in despair of yourself – 
    you cannot make decisions; 
    you don’t hear your inner voice, you don’t know anymore who you are and where you’re heading to; 
    or you repeat one and the same stupid, hackneyed mistake in life or in school (weren’t those the same?); 
    you don’t have any power to start anything and you procrastinate all the time; 
    or maybe you take too many tasks and responsibilities – few melons under one arm and some more to juggle with the other?;
    because you find yourself in complete despair and do not see any light at the end of the tunnel;
    or maybe because you cannot handle conflict?; 
    or maybe because you constantly sacrifice yourself; 
    or maybe because you find yourself in deep shock; 
    or because you’re simply „panicking“?; 
    or maybe you have nightmares?; 
    or you run through life and daily round with immense speed?; 
    or you’re constantly up in the clouds and your mind wanders?; 
    and maybe you’re tortured by cycling thoughts?; 
    or by jealousy and envy?; 
    or you’re very withdrawn, or maybe simply lonely?; 
    or you are disappointed or hurt?; 
    or overly critical and judgmental?; 
    or maybe a despot?;
    or a perfectionist?;
    or you experience a horrible tension that might blow you up any moment?; 
    or you maybe simply do not have enough faith in yourself and your own abilities?

Because every single one of us human beings, experiences feelings, emotions, has some particular mind-set, thoughts and beliefs and view of life. And all of these can bring us lots of trouble from time to time, or maybe even life-long! And don’t say please “I’ll manage!”! 
Of course, you’ll manage! Everybody is managing somehow the own troubles.  
Some of us pretend those do not exist as they’re too traumatising and we have no strength to face them; 
Some attend psychotherapy and every week they speak, tell, share, dig, unravel; 
Others are simply ignorant; 
Some go for morning jogs; 
Some exchange partners as if they were handkerchiefs; 
Others are crushing plates (or furniture), and others gnaw their nails; 
Some sign up for a course in pranayama, or attend hatha-yoga classes, or some other yoga classes, or meditate; 
Others paint and some even sing, (even though some cannot).... 
No matter the method – whether you try to run away from your problems or you are actively trying to deal with them, there is Bach Flower Therapy! A therapy that you can easily and effortlessly add to everything you do (and to what you do not) so that you take care of yourself, or rather – you let the flowers help you! This therapy supoorts us moving through the “managing” with a bit more ease and grace! With a little more compassion to ourselves. Without the usual judgement, the life-long attitude that we are “not enough”, or that we are simply and always the least duty of care! Because if we do not take care of ourselves, we have no chance to take care of anybody else! 
Hence, the Academy’s (Alex’s) credo – „Self-care is the supreme form of altruism!“! 
If you do take care of yourself, if you are vital, feel good, you will not only have full capacity for taking care of your loved ones – you will inspire joy and happiness in them as well! Think about this – every normal child feels happy when mom and dad are in good mood; every normal parent feels good with the happiness of thy child, (even when the “child” is 45, for example); every one of us experiences true happiness when we see the joyful smile and the sparks in the eyes of our beloved partner!

Enough about altruism...

Here are some of the most significant characteristics of Bach Therapy! 
1.    It is SIMPLE! And as we know, simple things usually work well, complex ones – usually do not so! 
2.    It is NATURAL! It contains NO CHEMICALS at all ! The remedies are prepared from plant blossoms, collected in clean areas, and clean spring water. The extraction is facilitated by the sun alone, by its bright, shining  light on a clear day, where no clouds interfere with its rays!
3.    Because it is SAFE! So safe that it is used for pregnant women, nursing mothers and newborn babies. So safe there are no side effects. So safe that ... do we really need to go on?
4.    Because it combines easily and successfully with ANY other therapy you might currently be receiving, whether conventional or holistic, and any type of diet you might be following.  


Below you see a short video providing great illustration of how we look when we are vital and joyful – in other words, when we fully enjoy life! And yes, you see a puppy on the video, not a human. Very often however they seem to be more adequate than us!?!? And yes, sometimes they have their troubles too and we can feel them quite significantly. Then we can use the Bach Flowers for them as well! There is a whole section of the Bach Centre, dedicated entirely to animals where Animal specialists are trained! Have some fun with Addie and think whether you would like feeling the way she obviously does!