Partners and Guest Therapists

Collaboration! A truly important, but highly neglected, even stigmatised human aptitude, based on our evolution. Or maybe our evolution is based on the collaboration?! However, no long sermons here, just an appeal: Collaborate, do not compete! This is what we, at the Academy, are doing. We are focused and we strive for being extraordinary and outstanding in Bach Therapy. Considering that there are a number of beneficial approaches out there, we are working to collaborate with some respective specialists. We intentionally do not use the word ‘expert’, as nowadays its meaning is slightly twisted. You can see for yourself and have some fun with the video at the bottom of the page. Soon you will be able to see here some of them, who will be invited to give lecture on their specific topics during the Vacation Education weeks. In addition, we would like to honour those who have made great contributions to the academy. Please, find them all in alphabetical order.