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How to get the maximum of the web-site with minimum investment of time and effort?
How to get the maximum of the web-site with the minimum investment of time and effort?
Follow Dr. Bach’s main principle – simplicity!

Re site structure:
Only 4 menu categories, only 1 level sub-category, the logo is the Home button. Almost no additional interlinks, you use the main menu for navigation. That’s it! Simple! 


Re Bookings:
First, you need to register. We know it’s a pain and most people prefer just to ‘log in as a guest’ and make their booking. However, creating an account is fast and beneficial. You will be able to track your own progress through the sessions, see all your prescriptions and see your list of booked events. The account will help us know you better; hence, you will be well supported! 


Re Languages:
Тhey are limited by the therapist’s language skills. So: English, German and Bulgarian 


Re Feed-back: 
Your Feed-back is really appreciated and needed! We are all eyes and ears! Why?
Because feed-back, especially in the form of Constructive criticism, is the BEST TOOL EVER for development and improvement! It is one of the most important and basic mechanisms in the Universe, at least our universe and the way we know it. Mother Nature uses it at every level you can imagine and at a number of levels you might not even think of. 
This mechanism ensures, for example, proper functioning at a cellular level, organs and systems level, whole organism level, eco-system level etc.. It applies to society as well. 
Proper functioning requires precise, detailed, reliable, promptly provided data. So we rely on your open, honest and detailed feed-back!
And please, don’t worry that you might be labelled as ‘negative’! This is a much overused modern corporate brain-washing term!
So share your opinion! Voice your needs and requirements! Take action for yourself! 
If we don’t know your needs and wishes, how can we meet them?!
Help us to support you! We learn from you and get better thanks to your feed-back! 
So if you have any questions, recommendations, topics of interest, criticisms (especially criticisms), or any kind of issue, let us know. GO AHEAD!


Re Contact options:
You have the usual two – e-mail and phone.
When you send us an e-mail (you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page), please be patient; we might need few days to respond but we will certainly do so. You can make it a little bit easier and more structured if you describe the topic of your contact in the subject-line with just a few words. If it’s an urgent matter, please write URGENT in the subject line as well.


NB! Please only do this if it is genuinely urgent. Try to evaluate reasonably whether the subject is truly urgent or you simply want a faster response. Overuse of the word ‘urgent’ (and consider it might not only be you, but a number of others as well) eventually renders it meaningless.
When you call, please bear in mind that during individual sessions and courses the phone is unattended. So please try again a bit later. We generally try to call you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding! 

Re Terms & Conditions / Privacy & Data Protection:
By clicking the respective link below you can see and read all the Terms & Conditions applicable to your relationship with the Academy as well as all Privacy and Data Protection information. 
Re Terms & Conditions / Privacy & Data Protection


Our contact details

Biser str. 15, Sofia 1421, Bulgaria

+359 898 75 69 96