Tue Sep 2017

Family issues - Can Bach flower therapy help?


Everybody knows it is a difficult task to be a family member. There are so many things that can go wrong, so many aspects of being part of something bigger than ourselves. Even in the simplest setting of father, mother and child, there are already three personalities, each carrying and holding specific issues... Woes and sorrows, personality traits, dreams and wishes, challenges and more. And when we mix all this together... everything moves to another level of complexity. It is not just the quantity, nor is it only about the quality. All of this can at times become a real vortex, where single emotions, feelings and thoughts are difficult to be precisely differentiated, and where we feel helplessly sucked in.
Because of this complexity every counsellor, therapist etc. knows it is truly difficult to provide high-quality support that is adequate, sufficient and stable over time. A true challenge!
However, we might just need to give up the constant and obtrusive modern effort for efficiency that is driving us either to insanity or to total blockage. We might just try to do the best we can and consider it will be enough. Ok, it will be at least more than doing nothing, right? 
Don’t let yourself be drowned by the so called “paralysis in analysis” and try to help yourself in some way. Bach flower therapy for example will not change your reality. But it can change your perception of it, your attitude, your own emotions, feelings and mind-set. This might influence your behavior as well. And in this simple, almost effortless manner you might have paved the way for some unthinkable or at least unexpected changes in other family members. You remember about simple physics from the 5th grade, right? Connected vessels, this is what we all are within our families...
Cheers and enjoy!