Wed Jul 2017

Autism in the family – alleviation via the Bach flowers?


Autism is now a common diagnose, so common that it is horrifying! It raises in the last two decades in a manner resembling epidemics, or rather pandemics. Along with cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, autism is one of the scourges of our present day. 
A shocking 2015 study says, that currently 1 in 45 children in the US is diagnosed with some form of autism. For to have a better idea what this actually means we need to be aware that US is the third most affected country in the world, where ‘the world’ is represented by countries with ‘top-performing kids’, whatever this might be supposed to mean. You can read more about this here.
Together with the fact that there is no detailed definition, there are no unified and internationally recognized diagnostic criteria, in many countries there is no adequate reporting nor statistics as well.
There are many hypotheses currently about the reasons for this drastic increase in autism rates. Vaccines are thought to be one of the major culprits along with general toxicity of our environment. According to dr. Natasha Campbel McBright autistic kids are deeply injured by the so called GAPS – Gut and Psychology Syndrome.
Children with autism suffer deeply, together with their families. Some of the symptoms include irritability, aggression, repetitive behavior, hyperactivity, attention problems, anxiety and depression.
According to research performed by Focus for Health, “30% of autistic children never speak more than a few words, they are sickened by bowel disease at a much higher rate than the average population, and many suffer from debilitating anxiety. By the most conservative estimates, almost 20% of children with autism also have epilepsy. Over 90% of autistic children who die prematurely do so because of drowning. The most severely affected kids may never be toilet trained and many struggle with frustrations that lead them to self-assault or assault a caregiver.” 
The life of a family with an autistic child is a constant struggle and battle. Not only with simple everyday care. It is a battle to survive devastating emotions, like sadness, depression, fears and anxiety, despair, frustration, anger, indignation... It is true that we need to work harder on identifying the causes for autism, to work on assessment criteria and statistics, on elaborating proper treatments. But we should put efforts into supporting the affected families in their everyday struggle as well. It is not only the body and not only the autistic child that suffers. This is a situation of broad-spectrum distress for the whole family.
Bach flower therapy has in its arsenal safe and natural remedies, dealing with aggravated emotions. So there are options for us to alleviate at least the psyche with some natural, completely safe remedies, that will not bring any further toxicity to the anyway intoxicated child’s body, stuffed with numerous chemical drugs. Parents and caregivers need support as well! Please, dare to experience this option! There is never a guarantee any therapy will work for anybody, or that it will solve all issues completely, but there is a very good chance! And this for NO risk!