The Vacation Education

This is the  richest and most pleasurable option you could select!
What we have developed and suggest to you is our Vacation Education Vacation– a combination of vacation, course/work-shop and a more intense individual therapy schedule (compared to the one you would generally have). 
We know, nowadays the fancy term would be a ‘retreat’. In  recent years, this  has become very popular, very profitable! There are so many gurus out there offering and leading retreats, that these terms have become twisted and have lost their original meaning and content. Just to reassure you, we definitely have no gurus. Nor do we offer retreats.
For now the VacationEducation events are held only in Greece. However, we are able to consider additional winter academies in locations with good winter sports options.
We would like to challenge you a little with the opportunity for Vacation Education in Turkey, so please give us feed-back on this! Turkey is actually a lovely place for a vacation. It is true that the current political situation is difficult, but exaggerated media messages do not present a true picture. We have been visiting Turkey for years, a few times a year, many different places, and we have never encountered any sign of insecurity! Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have a lot to offer, combined with many options for additional excursions to beautiful Greek and Roman sites (like Ephesus and Sagalassos) or natural wonders like Pamukkale. Please, think about it and let us know, using the contact form or simply via dropping us an e-mail!


NB! There is a very important consideration when you book a Vacation Education. You pay us only for the Bach Therapy content. You book your stay directly with the hotel and pay separately. This will give you independence from our event and hence you can arrive earlier and/or depart later, according to your preference. You will receive a 10% discount on the normal price for the season with our partner-venues.
Please review the options provided (they are for different dates and provide different Bach Therapy options) and choose the one that resonates best with you!
As you make your choice, click the tab “Book Now”. The process is fast and safe as we use PayPal!


NB! Please note, that you will not receive e-mail notification for a booked event. You will see the booking, as well as every other option you select and reserve, in your account. You just need to click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen.