Vacation Education week 23 - 30 Sep 2018

Vacation Education week  23 - 30 Sep 2018

Description: This is your 3 in 1 option. Here you can combine the pleasures of vacation and the benefit of learning and therapy in a great and relaxing environment and atmosphere!
If you take the chance you will find yourself on one of the longest beaches in Northern Greece, giving you a magnificent view of the open see. At the same time the place provides a more private experience as there are no huge and crowded hotels. Haris Hotels & Apartments are hosting the event and you can book your stay at either of their two hotels. You can take a look
During this week you will have the opportunity to take the Bach Flower Therapy Basic Level Training, participate in one workshop and have 2 individual consultations with the therapist. This option is unique and is very beneficial as at the beginning of each therapy there is usually more dynamics.
Each day we will have a course part lasting from 10.00 to 13.00 in the open air, sitting in the beautiful garden in front of the see, or in a quiet space in the lobby. The course will last Monday to Thursday and on Friday we will have a Workshop. The entire rest of the day is dedicated to your vacation and you can fully enjoy the beach. 
Upon your arrival you will receive a schedule with the time-slots for individual sessions. They will be held in the afternoons in a confidential setting. You are entitled of 1 extra-long session (1,5 hours) and one regular session (1 hour). 
The workshop topic will be Managing Stress with Bach Flower Therapy.  
Number of participants: max 10. We keep the events intentionally small-sized! This allows a high-quality learning process, provides a more private and safe atmosphere for the in-group communication and relationships and gives the therapist the opportunity for deeper and more personalized attention to each participant.
Duration: The duration is a complete week. You will be arriving and departing on Sundays. 
Location: The event is held at Haris Hotel, placed at a gorgeous beach on the Ionian coast of Greece. 
Language of the learning event: English
Language of the Individual sessions: English, German or Bulgarian according to the client’s preference.
Price: The regular price is 430 Euro. If you sign up during January and February, we offer it for only 340 Euro. Enjoy!
Payment: You pay online, via secure PayPal payment. 
NB! Please book your hotel stay with Haris Hotels & Apartments first and then book our event.
NB! We would gladly provide some travel tips if you complete your street address upon registering in our web-site.


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