Wild Rose

Wild Rose

(Rosa canina)

Melancholia, apathy and resignation. These are the woes and sorrows of the Wild rose. These people see the negative things in life but apparently they do not have the slightest intention to fight. For them this just does not make any sense. They would rather try to teach themselves to live with the conditions that are troubling them without complaining or bemoaning, considering them inevitable and invariable. Deep inside they bear the belief that they have to endure whatever lot they have drawn. Only if they succeed in breaking away from this attitude and this cheerless approach to life, can they understand that they possess a natural curiosity and interest in life, they are full of ebullience and enjoy life fully!

Dr Bach's description

Those who without apparently sufficient reason become resigned to all that happens, and just glide through life, take it as it is, without any effort to surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint.

"The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies"

Dr. Bach