(Quercus robur)

Oak is the Remedy of constant struggle and endeavor. Oak-people are those with a deeply rooted sense of responsibility and duty. For them there is no pause, no rest until they fulfill their obligations. The problem is the obligations have no end. Especially as the ‘Oaks’ take on not only their own duties but those of others as well. With all his persistence, patience, common sense and seemingly endless endurance, the Oak is the fundamental pillar of the family. And slowly but certainly, he drives himself to exhaustion, despair and even complete collapse. He would like to stop, it is just that he does not know how. It is evident that all of the listed traits of the Oak are positive, but carrying them too far leads to bad consequences. This is why the Oak needs balance and temperance. Temperance is good when it’s temperate. This is what the Remedy helps with.


Dr Bach's description

For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well, or in connection with the affairs of their daily life. They will go on trying one thing after another, though their case may seem hopeless. They will fight on.

"The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies"

Dr. Bach