(Ulmus procera)

If you are used to dealing with loads of tasks and juggling with several serious responsibilities at once, you will certainly on occasion fall into temporary states where you feel at the end of your tether, as if you are losing all your extraordinary skills, experience and strengths, which leads to exhaustion, frustration and despondency. Elm is then the proper Remedy for you. It will help you not only dig deep, explore your deepest reserves and overcome the current crisis. It will also help you to be a bit more realistic in your assessment of what you can and cannot handle and it will help you adequately weigh your own workload. The positive aspect of the Elm is represented by an outstanding confidence and inner conviction that help is on its way, and the full dedication of all personal abilities to the well-being of others.


Dr Bach's description

... At times there may be periods of depression when they feel that the task they have undertaken is too difficult, and not within the power of a human being.

"The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies"

Dr. Bach