Courses & Workshops

General considerations:
Courses and workshops are organised as real-life attendance events. At the moment there are no e-courses, recordings of life-courses, nor real-time online events.

Location: the majority of events are held in Sofia, Bulgaria, at least for the time being.

Venue: the Academy’s office, the Faculty of Biology of Sofia University, or the Hill Hotel Sofia.

Language: The majority of training events in Bulgaria will be in the Bulgarian language. Please make sure to check in advance the language of the particular course of interest for you. 

Attendees: The maximum attendee number is 15. This allows for better personal attention, in-group communication, and a more individualised approach by the teacher, which are vital for the learning process! There is no minimal number of attendees, a course/seminar can be held even for 2 participants. However with more people the number and variety of useful and fun exercises increase a lot! So in this train of thought, if you bring others with you, everyboy will obtain 10% discount!

Set up: Most courses take place at weekends, as 2-day courses. Each day starts at 10.00 and finishes at 18.00, with a 1-hour lunch break (lunch is not provided) and two 15-minute coffee breaks (we provide though water, coffee, tea, sweet and salty snacks). The alternative option is an evening course lasting Monday-Saturday, using the time-slots 19.00-21.00 on the weekdays and 10.00-12.00 on the Saturday. 
Seminars and workshops take place during weekends as well, duration may vary, but it extends to maximum 7 hours. Water, coffee, tea, sweet and salty snacks are provided.For now we have only weekend-courses announced. If you would prefer the evening option, please let us know via e-mail or call! You will see some free weekends in the schedule below - hence you are more than welcome to suggest events! Please feel free to suggest workshop topics as well; your input is more than welcome!


Signing up: To sign up, please review the calendar of events for 2020 below. You can sign up from there after registering, or via a phone call! NB! Please note, that you will not receive e-mail notification for a booked event. You will see it, as well as every other option you select and reserve, in your account. You just need to click on your name in the upper right corner of your screen.

Courses/Workshops description:
In Bach Therapy you can chose from the Academy-certified courses and Bach Centre approved courses.

The Academy-certified courses are Basic Level Training and Advanced Level Training.
The first one, as the title suggests, provides you with basic knowledge on the system itself, on the philosophy behind and on all of the 38 Remedies. 
The second enlarges your knowledge not only on the system, but gives you a much more detailed and brighter picture of each Remedy, so that you can better work with yourself, family and friends. You will obtain information on other significant figures in the Bach Therapy realm, who further developed Dr. Bach’s heritage. Upon completion you will obtain a Bach Therapy Academy Diploma for the respective level!


The Bach Centre approved courses are Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 provides you with basic knowledge on the system, the philosophy and the 38 Remedies, according to the Bach Centre Requirements and provides a Bach Centre Level 1 Certificate. Level 2 provides you with an extended knowledge, especially of the Remedies. The entire material is focused on Dr Bach’s work. By completing the course you will obtain a Bach Centre Level 1 or 2 Certificate respectively. Please keep in mind there is a minimal number of six attendees, so that the courses are accepted by the Bach Centre!
During 2020 you have the chance to get the Level 1 training with 30% discount thanks to the teacher certification process for Level 2. If you sign up for Level 2, that will be announced after the month of May you have a 50% discount, because you will need to attend a “Validation day” later on to obtain your certificate (after the teacher certification process is completed).


Bach Therapy Academy developed a new section – Holistic and so we provide consultation and training on your general well-being using knowledge from the holistic realm, as well as knowledge in molecular and cell biology. We need not only healthy emotions and feelings and a healthy mind-set! We need a vital body as well. We need to provide quality nourishment, opportunities for detoxification and a more balanced life-style! Hence the two new seminars: “Sauna and how to use it for “effect without defect” and “Stress, life-style and detoxification”. The first is short (about 2 hours) and focused on mindful, effective and reasonable sauna use. The second is extended (about 6 hours) and includes knowledge to understand how stress interferes with our body, mind and emotions and practical steps to mitigate its negative effects. These events are held exclusively at the Hill Hotel Sofia. Upon signing up you will receive 1 free consultation in Bach Therapy!